Q.How can I save water from the tanks at my home?


Use water level Sensor and Pump controller to automate the controlling of water from one tank to another. This will decrease manual intervention and decrease water spillage. 

Q.What can I do to save electricity at commercial buildings, Hotels?


There is a huge scope to save electricity at commercial buildings and Hotels. They can use products like Motion Sensors at Toilet Blocks, Passenger Lifts, and Lobbies where lights will be ON only when they are required. They can also use Twilight Switches to save electricity.


Q.What is Potential Free Contacts


Potential Free Contacts this term is used for Relay Contacts. When Relay Contacts are not connected in any circuit, it does not have any voltage or potential at the contacts.  Hence Relay Contacts (NC - C - NO) without any connections are known as Potential Free Contacts.