Model :

STD 101

Twilight Switch works on Twilight principle which automatically switches the lights ON in the evening upon sensing darkness and switches the lights OFF in the morning after sensing daylight. Hence Lamp is ON only when it is required resulting in considerable saving in electricity cost and optimal electricity consumption.

1       Product uses latest Ambient Light Sensing and Solid State Technique.

2       Unit works on 220 Volts AC supply with 600 watts output capacity.

3       LED indications for Power and output help user while using the product.

4       Any type of lamp such as tube light or bulb or CFL can be used with this unit.

5       User can connect more number of lamps in parallel totaling up to 600 watts.

6       Sensor can be placed anywhere even outside enclosure box as connected by terminal strip.

7       Length of sensor cable can be extended to any required length

8       Unit has Auto - Manual switch using which unit can be bypassed any time when required.

9       These are very suitable for remote locations for automatic lighting of area.

10     They offer safety & security to premises as area is lighted automatically during night.