TWILIGHT SWITCH - Weatherproof

Model :

STW 110

STW 110

Electro-Arts offers Twilight Switches in Weatherproof FRP housing for automatic switching of lights. With this product, required lights can be switched ON and kept ON during night. Twilight Switch- weatherproof can be used for all types of weather conditions for outside working directly on the pole.


1       Product uses latest Ambient Light Sensing and Solid State Technique.


2       Unit works on 220 Volts AC supply with 2500 watts output capacity.

3       LED indications for Power and output help user while using the product.

4       Any type of lamp such as tube light or bulb or CFL or Sodium or LEDs can be used with this unit.


5       User can connect more number of lamps in parallel totaling up to 2500 watts.

6       Sensor can be placed anywhere even outside enclosure box as connected by terminal strip.

7       Length of sensor cable can be extended to any required length

8       Unit has Auto-Manual switch. Unit can be bypassed any time when required.

9       These are suitable for working in all weather conditions for automatic lighting of area.

10     They offer safety & security to premises as area is lighted automatically during night.



Power Supply : 220 V AC, 50 Hzs, through terminal strip


Output : Potential Free (C-NO) contacts thru terminal strip

Output Type : Through relay contacts

Output Capacity : 2500 Watts ( 10 Amps) (max)

Sensitivity Adj : Provided inside the unit.

Sensor : Sensor in separate housing. Can be place out of enclosure

By Pass Switch : Provided for Manual Override

LED Indications : Provided for Power and Output

Suitable for : Tube Light / Bulb / CFL / LED / Sodium Vepour etc

Housing : Weatherproof FRP box.

Overall Dimensions : 250 x 145 x 110 mm

Application : Lights ON in the evening and OFF in the morning